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Decofresh Roses is a marketing initiative in combination with a group of leading Kenyan farms, which sells a wide range of roses directly from Kenya.

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Get a Glance and Dose of Rose Art Café!

What is there not to love about roses? It’s impossible to walk by a bouquet of roses and not automatically stare at their infinite and hypnotizing beauty right? In the case of Rose Art Café! by Decofresh, the effect is precisely the same. Both mesmerizing and captivating at once, the tonalities of beige and cappuccino yellow colors intertwining together along with stunning opening petals have positioned this rose as one of the designers’ favorites.

Red Panther Is the Rose Variety of Tomorrow

So, there she is, a rose called Red Panther, a variation so rare that it is the equivalent of a perfect ruby. And she has been dug up to the surface. No mine, no excavation, no destruction. Just patience, love, and know-how. Red Panther is a real gem that deserves a place of choice in the world of red roses: it is most certainly the variety of tomorrow. She jostles, in elegance and delicacy, well-established codes and dictates.

Lots of Smileys From Florists for Rose Pink Wave

This rose was a delight to work with, the color and flower are so pretty, like a pink fluffy cloud of wonderfulness. The head is a fabulous size and I must compliment the decent stem too. You can get lost in ideas of what to create with this beauty. I love to use her with other luxury flowers and make her the star of the show. 💕🌸

Rose Moccachino Is Loved by Renowned Florists

A rose that is turning over every florist’s eyes out there… yes! Rose Moccachino is the most recent novelty from Decofresh. This variety is bred by De Ruiter, grown by Ayana, and renowned florists around the world have thoroughly enjoyed creating with it, and you’ll understand why in just a bit. Ready to meet Rose Moccachino?

A first glimps of rose Moccachino

Featuring an appealing brownish pink nude color, this rose was the center of attention in Tom de Houwer’s masterclass.

Rose Blushing Reeva Receives Abundant Love!

Before giving you all the info you need to know about the enchantress Rose Blushing Reeva, you must know she’ll get you blushing right away with her mesmerizing color. As one of the recent novelties from Decofresh Aalsmeer, the rose has quickly risen as one of the floral designers’ favorites not only because of its color but because roses always have a way of glamorizing and enriching any design.

Rose Red Jack is the floral designers new obsession

Life just keeps getting better when roses are included, right? And with so many red rose varieties, here comes a very special one by Decofresh Aalsmeer. Rose Red Jack is a double-colored charming reddish garden rose with hints of dark fuchsia which ensembles pure perfection added anywhere, anytime.

What Do Floral Designers Say About the New Rose Malaga?

Two weeks after the introduction Rose Malaga is HOT. Floral designers react very positively to this strong new summery orange rose from Kenya by grower Akina that is marketed by Decofresh. Here’s an anthology of the responses from six top designers.


Decofresh Holland has formed an exclusive strong partnership with a group of leading rose producers in Kenya. Together they are exploring new ways to supply quality roses to an ever changing market. You are most welcome to get to know us better.

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