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Decofresh Roses is a marketing initiative in combination with a group of leading Kenyan farms, which sells a wide range of roses directly from Kenya.

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Floral Designers Give Their First Impression of Rose Tango

With a soft delicate shade of pink on the inside, twirling into a lighter tone on the outside, this rose will become a must-have in arrangements.

Rose Maureen Brings Out an Unmatched Uniqueness in Floral Compositions

“It is a rose that radiates beauty and subtle charm in all floral designs and arrangements where it is used.”

Rose Roxanne Effortlessly Charms in Floral Designs and Arrangements

This is an exquisite salmon-colored flower that leaves floral designers in awe of its unique qualities.


The Mutant Rose Paloma Steffi Is Here to Stay

Paloma Steffi is characterized by its beautiful colors of cream/green outer petals transitioning to a bright pink inside.

The rose opens up very beautifully and also has an excellent vase life.

Rose Diya’s Fire – Igniting Passion and Blazing a Trail of Beauty

n the enchanting world of flowers, where nature’s delicate artistry unfolds, a remarkable rose is about to ignite a wave of excitement and inspiration. Decofresh invites you to live a burning hot experience along the newest Rose Diya’s Fire.

Unveiling Rose Country Secret

In the ever-evolving world of flowers, a new rose variety is set to make its grand entrance, captivating hearts and especially, floral designers.

Floral Designers Praise Rose La Vida Loca

She’s enchanted to meet the world, and her fellow rose varieties, but most importantly truly enchanted to be introduced to florists from all over the world. Meet Rose La Vida Loca, Decofresh’s addition to their rose family. Renowned florists give their reviews while creating floral designs with this spectacular charmer.

Rose Candy Horizon Is Every Floral Designer’s Weakness

Rose supplier Decofresh has just unveiled the Rose Candy Horizon, a rose so soft and subtle you wouldn’t help but adore it. This pink rose has a subtle fragrance, but it is its strong petals that afford it a beautiful way of gradually blossoming into a gorgeously crafted bloom.



Decofresh Holland has formed an exclusive strong partnership with a group of leading rose producers in Kenya. Together they are exploring new ways to supply quality roses to an ever changing market. You are most welcome to get to know us better.

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